Soft Water Benefits

Soft Water Benefits

Looking for cleaning products that make your kitchen sparkle, or a detergent that keeps your laundry soft and bright? The problem may not be in the products, but in your water. With a WaterBoss Whole House Water Filter System, you will experience the soft water difference throughout your entire home.

Soft water means not only better tasting drinking water, but also brighter clothes and longer lasting appliances. Softened water works better with soap and cleansers, making them more effective and efficient. A Whole House Water Filter System can save you up to 75% on soap products. Because soft water is pure, it leaves nothing behind. Fixtures and surfaces look new instead of dull and filmy. Fabrics look fresh and vibrant wash after wash. Food and beverages taste the way they should. Soft water is a difference you will see and feel in every way you live.


In the kitchen, you’ll taste the benefits of a Whole House Water Filter System in every refreshing drink, and in the meals you prepare using water that contains no undesirable flavors or odours. You’ll also see the difference in surfaces and fixtures that are free of soap scrum and hard water residue. Kitchen cleaners and dish soap work better and go farther, saving you money. Appliances last longer when they are not damaged by hard water scale build up.

A water softener protects all water using appliances from the damage caused by hard water scale build up. A water softening system will significantly extend the life of your dishwasher, coffee maker, and icemaker.
Cleaning Products:
By removing the hardness in your water, your cleaning products can work more efficiently, there is no need to overcome the dissolved rock in your water. The soft water provided by a WaterBoss® water softener will reduce by up to 75% the amount of cleaning products used in your kitchen. This includes dishwashing detergent, hand soap, and all purpose cleaners.
Kitchen Fixtures:
The chalky or lime build up on kitchen fixtures will no longer be an issue.  The WaterBoss® water softener not only removes the hardness from your water before it can build up on your fixtures, it is also prevents the build up of scale inside your pipes.
Gone are the objectionable taste and odours that may invade everyday tap water. Enjoy the great natural taste of water. You’ll find food and beverages taste better and look better when prepared with quality water delivered from a WaterBoss® whole house water softener.


The soft water advantage in the bath shines through in sparkling glass, fixtures, and surfaces. Spend less time cleaning hard water deposits and soap scum, and less money on cleansers and soap products. You’ll enjoy a relaxing bath or invigorating shower, and notice that your skin feels softer. You may also find your hair is more manageable without the negative effects of hard water.

Softer skin:

Hard water and soap do not work well together. The dissolved sediment in the water reacts with the chemicals in the soap creating a sticky scum or an insoluble residue called soap curd that’s difficult to wash away.

A water softener prevents the formation of soap curd which can leave a thin layer of film on your skin clogging pores leaving your skin dry and rough, making your hair dull-looking and sticky and possibly cause skin infections due to bacteria being trapped in pores beneath the soap curd build-up.

Most soap is made with compounds of sodium and potassium, such as sodium stearate. Sodium stearate reacts with the calcium compounds in the water and produces calcium stearate. The ingredient found in soaps, sodium stearate, dissolves in water; however calcium stearate, the compound formed by the combination of hard water and soap does not dissolve. This means less lather for you and more soap curd, this is the deposits and residue of the combination of soap and hard water that is left on your skin.

The “squeaky” feel or sound many people associate with being clean is actually your skin sticking because of the residue.

Less work:
Hard water can create other problems; such as water spots and a chalky build up on fixtures, clogged shower heads, soap rings on the shower and tub. By eliminating soap curd, a WaterBoss® water softener will reduce the amount of elbow grease needed to keep your bathroom sparkling clean.
Less soap:
Because your WaterBoss® water softener has prevented the formation of soap curd, you will need less shampoo for you hair, less soap for your body. There will be no need for conditioners for your hair or lotion for your skin, the soft water provided by your WaterBoss® water softener lets your body’s natural oils keep your hair soft and shiny and your skin smooth and silky. You will also use up to less all-purpose cleaning products for your bathroom. The Water Quality Association estimates that a home water softener will save a homeowner up to 75% of the cost of all cleaning products.


Hard water is hard on laundry. The minerals in hard water not only make detergent less effective, they cause damage to fabric fibers, shortening clothing life by up to 30%. Residue left behind makes clothes look dingy and gray. You’ll see and feel the soft water difference immediately, with softer, brighter fabrics. Long term, you will notice longer lasting clothes, and substantial detergent savings.

Mechanical Room

Hard water has also been found to be hard on water heaters. A recent study conducted by the Water Quality Association concludes that using soft water can reduce water-heating energy consumption by up to 24%.