Drinking Water Filter

Drinking Water Filter

The WaterBoss Model 950 functions as a drinking water filter through chlorine reduction. Chlorine is added to municipally supplied water as protection against bacteria, viruses and other organisms.

Chlorine can also leave an odor and taste that many find offensive. The Model 950 reduces the amount of chlorine in your water to nominal amounts and is essentially like having a drinking water filter on every faucet in your home.

A faucet mount drinking water filter only removes the chlorine from the water coming from that particular faucet. This type of drinking water filter also requires frequent replacement of the filtration cartridge to maintain its maximum level of efficiency.

A pitcher drinking water filter, such as Pur or Brita also require frequent replacement of cartridges. Once a cartridge is exhausted, it becomes an excellent media for bacteria growth.

With a Model 950 virtually chlorine free water is available throughout your home without the inconvenience of changing and maintaining messy filters.