Water Softener Parts & Service

We support every WaterBoss® product with a committed Support Team and a complete line of replacement parts.

To order a part, please contact our Technical Support Department toll-free at 1-800-437-8993.

Warranty Part Request Form

Four of the major assemblies found on the WaterBoss® can be seen here. Click on each for a more detailed drawing.

Helpful Hint: You can get a look at various other parts and their replacement numbers in the Owner’s Manual which is available here.

Our Warranty

  • 5 Years: The entire appliance is protected against defects in manufacturing and materials.
  • 10 Years: The brine cabinet and resin tank are protected for 10 years. (This warranty does not include labor)

Each WaterBoss® is backed with a 10-year limited warranty. The full version of this warranty is included with the WaterBoss®. Labor and media are not included in this warranty.

To view the schematics above, you will need to have Adobe PDF Reader. You can obtain a copy of Adobe Acrobat’s free PDF Reader here.