Owner’s Manuals

Water Softener Owner’s Manuals

We create each of our products with care and a strict attention to detail. We are deeply committed to each product’s success. That commitment only grows for us, once the product enters your home. To ensure this success, we are providing copies of our owner’s manuals for you. The owner’s manuals are available as a PDF document that you can reference online, or print off and keep at home. With installation instructions and part drawings, it’s an extremely useful tool. While the owner’s manuals do come with each product, we’ll always have them here for you, just in case.


Softener Owner’s Manual v7.9 for model 700, 900 and 950 applies to 
serial numbers 09440616 and up.

* For all other manuals, please call 1-800-437-8993.

To view the owner’s manuals, you will need to have Adobe PDF Reader. You can obtain a copy of Adobe Acrobat’s free PDF Reader here.