Chlorine Removal Benefits

Almost all drinking water supplies are contaminated by many organisms, bacteria and viruses. Most drinking water that comes from municipal water supplies are further contaminated by storage tanks, pipes and even from water tables from where your water may be drawn.

A few contaminants can produce mild symptoms not unlike influenza which is, after all, caused by a virus.

No one will argue that chlorine serves an important purpose. However, there can be negative effects of chlorine to the human body if you do not employ some type of chlorine removal after the chlorination process. Health Canada warns consumers about the health risks of ingesting chlorine and its by-products over the long term and advises they can be safely and easily removed with a certified water filtration unit. Visit the Health Canada website for more information

Aesthetically, chlorine is the primary cause of bad taste and odour in drinking water.  WaterBoss Model 950 takes a comprehensive approach to chlorine removal. Chlorine removal begins at the point of entry, where your water supply enters your home. This means chlorine removal, down to nominal amounts, takes place at all faucets, showers heads and washing machines. With the WaterBoss 950, there is no need for replacement filters.